Onny puts the social back in social media. We help you build real relationships through common interests and activities. Our users populate an interest database that allows you to do whatever you want, whenever you want, with whomever you want!

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It's a BIG problem

"As much as I enjoyed aspects of the Facebook experience, including the possibility of social change, I concluded that Facebook was more of a way to be opinionated rather than related."

- Dr. Ravi Chandra M.D., D.F.A.P.A. [1]

We Need A Bigger Solution

Introducing Onny

Tell us who you are and what you’re into.
Onny will help you find the friends you haven’t met yet

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How it works

We help our users make REAL friendships utilizing a platform they recognize with features they never knew were missing!

  • Topic Database

    What makes you, you?

    A large, curated, database of topics, activities, hobbies, interests and opinions. New items regularly added by our users.

  • Advanced Search

    So many options

    Search by topics, groups, users, events, or anything else in our database. Filter out by location, gender, verified accounts, anonymity, or a host of other criteria.

  • Advanced matching

    Finding the perfect match

    Our propriety matching algorithm will analyze your profile to find the best match based on your common and related interests.

  • Profile Types

    Right tool for the job

    Whether you choose professional, personal, verified or anonymous, we have the profile type to fit your needs.

  • Profile Swapping

    More than meets the eye

    Manage multiple profiles from one account, each with it's own list of interests and privacy/anonymity settings. Your work profile friends never need to see those embarrassing family profile photos. Your anonymous internet profile stays anonymous while your public profile is easy for friends and family to find.

  • Counter Cyber Bullying

    The tools to protect yourself

    Stop harassment dead in its tracks with easy to use industry leading tools. Quickly and easily filter or block unwanted messages and users.

  • Custom Activity Feeds

    Only the things you want to see

    Stay up to date with custom feeds on your home page. Decide between a single feed, or multiple feeds organized by profile, group, location, topic, or events

  • The Regular features

    Everything else you know and love

    Share your thoughts, posts, pictures or events to your timeline. All the features you're used to from those other Social Networking sites.

Partnerships and Advertising

Meet Jen

Jen likes video games

Jen Creates A Profile

Jen adds video games to her interests

Advertising Clients

Onny supplies our clients with targeted user metrics

Native Advertisements

Clients run ads and events for Jen and others

Ads Targeted At Jen

Jen now gets targeted ads and event notices about video games. She can also get notices about related topics like board games or any of her other interests

Our Amazing Team

Andy Kantos

Andrew Kantos


  • Warner Brothers
  • Paramount Pictures
  • Riot Games
  • Team Leader
  • Independent Businessman
Isaac Marotte

Isaac Marotte

Technology & Development

  • Electronic Arts
  • Maxis Games
  • Double Fine Productions
  • Behaviour Interactive
  • Software Consultant

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